Hello and Welcome, I am so glad you are here and enjoying my work.

I'm KA. The face behind my canvas.

Artist Bio

Ka Mo is a contemporary landscape artist who is based in Melbourne. Working from her garden studio, she is inspired by country side landscape around her with rolling hills, a winery region, changing big sky, and wide open farmland.

Ka has an extensive body of work, she often uses bold and gestural brushstrokes which are what draw the audience into the experience of her vibrant colour and the balance joy and harmony of the Australian landscape.

Ka has been selected as a finalist of the 2023 Jumbled Art Superstar, 2022 Lethbridge small work art prize, the 2022 Southern Bouy Landscape Art Prize, and recently Bush Exchange ‘Heart of the bush’ Landscape Art Prize. Ka work can be found in galleries, art shows, and held privately nationally and internationally.