The Colourtribe Interview

In late 2020 Tash of my favourite instagram page The Colourtribe interviewed me and styled my work in her home! 

Below is the interview - go check out and follow her page it is really brilliant!

"This morning I met Ka of @kym_art_au a vibrant and outgoing artist that lives down the road from me. 😃 With exactly a week to go from Chrissie, I felt it was perfect timing to showcase her work and give everyone an opportunity to quickly snap up a painting for either themselves or a loved one. Her work sells out instantly at @rosestreettradingco and I feel honoured to have these dreamy & special pieces on my walls. Ka is a full-time Accountant, yet painting is where her passions lie. With two daughters under 4, she uses every spare minute after 7.30pm to paint and create. Thank you Ka for sharing your art with me and my tribe. If you would like to purchase a piece of her work, please contact her directly. Enjoy our interview below and ensure you check out my stories for a video close up of these beauties xo 😚
WHEN DID YOU START PAINTING & WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE PART ABOUT IT? I started when I’m a kid but running KA YAN ART from mid September 2020 form putting my little art piece on Etsy
There are so many different things happen to my life every day. But as soon as I picked up the paint brush mixing the colour, put my favourite music on - I find myself !💜
I paint at night , 7.30pm - 10.30pm every single night.
I have a full time job , young family with two girls 4 and 2 so night time is the only time I can find time to paint. It is challenging to fit it all in but I absolutely love doing it !!
Another challenge is - sacrifice my Netflix time to Painting time 😆
Hmmm I have apple cider , wine , chocolate and cheese when I paint 😝
There are sooo many .. name a few they are so humble and encourage me along the way to keep doing what I do!


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